We Witches Three is a collaboration between Heather Woodward, Maria Isoldde, and Nathara (aka Charlene) – three witchy friends who have been practicing their crafts for decades each, have a wide breadth of experiences, and a wide variety of interests. And OPINIONS.

Normal witchcraft and witch-adjacent podcasts and information media tends to be too glossy, too academic, too elitist, or too idealist, and the lack of real world practicality and common sense and the tunnel-vision common in the community is FRUSTRATING us, so now we’re SHARING those opinions!

If you’re ready to hear those opinions and the reasons that we formed them – the history, the research, and the context – then head over to our podcast page, grab your favorite beverage, and have a listen.

And you’re welcome.

Heather Woodward

Heather Woodward is The Divine Wild Woman, acclaimed author, award-winning psychic, former radio host, and psychic/witchy instructor who is too busy with her own practice, evolution, and project to remember her acclaim, awards, and former careers!

Maria Isoldde

Maria Isoldde began her witchy career inspired by the movie The Craft, discovered Wicca, and once she learned it wasn’t the only witchy option, moved on to more Nordic and other traditional practices, now challenging stereotypes and misgivings in both “real life” and the wider internet community.

Nathara aka Charlene

Nathara (aka Charlene) of CrowSong Lodge has over 3 decades of experience in metaphysics and more than 2 decades in Paganism and Witchcraft – and entered the community too young to be taken seriously and managed to become too old to be taken seriously during the blooming of social media – and now can’t take anything all that seriously, least of all herself.

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