Tony Robbins & NXIVM – Predators Exposed in the Self Help Community #MeToo

Tony Robbins & NXIVM – Predators Exposed in the Self Help Community #MeToo

Tony Robbins was accused of sexual misconduct by four women in a BuzzFeed article. Now, more women are starting to come forward. Plus, a video of him using racial slurs as has also surfaced. 

Keith Raniere is on trial for using his now-defunct self-help empire, NXIVM, to hide an elite sex cult complete with sex trafficking, kidnapping and a tier of slaves. He used his influence and power to pressure his followers into sleeping with him in the guise of helping them heal their sexuality. 

Both men have been outed partly because of the influence of the #metoo movement. Especially, Tony Robbins who put light on himself by claiming that #metoo was an excuse for women to become relevant. 

The Witches talk about these two men and how they have gotten away with their predatory behavior because people were bullied into silence or threatened by lawyers to stay quiet. 

**TRIGGER WARNING – In this podcast, we talk about graphic sexual acts, rape, sexual assault, and other disturbing behavior.**

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Audio Clips are from CNN and ABC News and were found on YouTube except for the ones that are mentioned above. Links are provided.

Additional Crew for this Episode:

Greensperson – Stephanie Carrell

Head of Plaster – Holly Keefer

Weapons master – Trinity Lynne

Set Designer – Leah Patterson

2 thoughts on “Tony Robbins & NXIVM – Predators Exposed in the Self Help Community #MeToo

  1. As tony Robbins says on his audio that is was 4 or 5 women spreading false news, well it’s going to be a whole heck of a lot more women sharing the truth of what he has done. Never met a person who leads a more hypocritical life. Icebergs are huge!!!

    1. For sure! It seems like more and more women come out every day – and more women are realizing that the things they experienced were actually NOT okay.

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