Patreons! All the Patreons!

Patreons! All the Patreons!

Hallo, hallo!

The Witches are on the move! Not only do they have an AMAZING new group Patreon to support the Podcast, but they have also EACH individually launched their OWN Patreons as well, so you can support their independent work, too!

On the We Witches Three Patreon, you’ll find a monthly lesson, activity, or tarot/oracle card spread, monthly Rune-Scopes by Maria Isoldde (a Runic look at your month ahead, delivered in detail via video), a monthly Seeker’s Circle by Nathara (a group spiritual exploration), a monthly Intuition Boot Camp by Heather (a group psychic/intuitive exploration and exercise class), and even podcast advertising opportunities! That is a WHOLE LOT!

Not to mention first dibs on special classes, products, and other offers The Witches may be rolling out!

On Heather’s Patreon, the Divine Wild Woman Coven, you will get to meet AT LEAST once a month to talk about witchcraft, witchy crafting, spells and spell work, akashic records, past lives, and ancestral work – not to mention the divine wild feminine! Also available are Tarot Readings with Heather, a lesson from the Archetypes of the Divine Wild Woman Deck, and a soul coaching session! So you should DEFINITELY grab that while you can!

On Nathara’s Patreon, she is hosting a group exploration of our personal paths, a monthly meet up to teach hardware and software use, implementation, and general support, AND monthly one-on-one coaching/consulting calls on anything you might need help with – learning new techniques, designing classes, working on your website, pricing your services, and so, so much more!

And on Maria’s Patreon, she is offering monthly spells and rituals (even the controversial stuff!), a chance to determine what videos she produces AND the privilege of seeing them first, monthly rune readings and witchy advice and coaching, and you will be supporting her in creating the AMAZING content she keeps putting out on her YouTube channel (which you should DEFINITELY be checking out!).

Anyways – we’re really excited to get all of this stuff off the ground and thrilled that we can do it in a way that isn’t sales-y or high pressure but, instead, focuses on community, building folks up, and maintaining and ongoing relationship with everyone. It is, frankly, going to be AWESOME.

We’ll see you there!

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