Fake Exorcist Kills Woman in New Zealand

Fake Exorcist Kills Woman in New Zealand

A Four Day Fake Exorcism Kills Pig Farmer’s Wife… Why did nobody go to jail for the death of a woman was killed in a fake exorcism?

Host, Heather Woodward, Maria Isoldde and Nathara (CrowSong Lodge) talk about the Joan Vollmer exorcism case and how misogyny and social class play their part. Joan was tortured, starved and beaten for days by her husband and a fake exorcist. They believed they were doing the work of the lord and expected her to be resurrected after her death. They were so convinced that they had a television crew attend her funeral.

Referenced Links:
“The Victorian Woman Who Died After a Four-Day Exorcism” by Nathan Jolly

“Possession Behavior” by Vagrecha YS

Academic Paper about New Zealand Case: “Delivering Demons, Punishing Wives: False Imprisonment, Exorcism, and Other Matrimonial Duties in a Late 20th Century Manslaughter Case” by Adrian Howe and Sara Ferber

Academic Article with Data from Catholic Priest and US Census: “”The Over-Policing of the Devil: A Sociology of Exorcism” by Guiseppe Giordan and Adam Possamai

Fake Exorcist Kills Woman in New Zealand

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