A Response to Doreen Virtue’s Fake Apology Video #sorrynotsorry (Audio Only)

A Response to Doreen Virtue’s Fake Apology Video #sorrynotsorry (Audio Only)

Doreen recently put out an apology video that felt more like an​​ indignant excuse for her bad spending habits than a realistic redemption moment. Plus, she has been extremely busy ​​schooling her converts on how to keep their intuition safe from ​​the devil. (Insert eye roll here.)

The Witches have some opinions about her new videos and are going to go deeper into the vortex that is Doreen’s conversion. We have some corrections and updates from our last podcast. ​​AND we are going to be reading some of the ​​comments that our listeners have sent us.

Doreen’s BIG Announcement, Apologies, and Explanations. Head-On Answers to Doreen Virtue Rumors!: https://youtu.be/WObpq1BQl9g

How to Protect Your Spiritual Gifts and Intuition from the Devil Pt 1 https://youtu.be/I-VV_IZEQZ8

Part 2: Protect Your Intuition – Interview with Tom Davies https://youtu.be/KtX1-FQbVpo

I’m SO shook by this memory about tarot cards and creepy Aleister Crowley that I just had!

Instagram post from Charles Virtue about creating a new directory for certified readers/practitioners on his own site: 

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